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Uyyalawada To Mahaveera

Mega Star Chiranjeevi 151 Movie Title Change

Mega Star Chiranjeevi 151 Movie Title Change: Chiranjeevi gave re-entry with ‘Khaidi no. 150’ and got a huge success. Chiranjeevi came in front of the audience minimum after 10 years. So Ram Charan is making a big budget 151 movie ‘Uyyalawada’ with 125 crores. Director Surender Reddy is the director of this movie who gave hit movie like ‘Dhruva’. This movie is going to release in 3 languages. So they are trying to make the title for 3 languages.

From the sources of the film unit members are telling that the movie name is ‘Mahaveera’. The promotion became easy for ‘Bahubali’ as it’s the same name for all the languages. So Charan is thinking ‘Mahaveera’ title in 3 languages will help for the movie promotion. ‘Mahaveera’ title got finalized even though at starting they thought of ‘Uyyalawada’. Ram Charan banners registered even ‘Uyyalawada’. Recently ‘Mahaveera’ got registered in the Konidela productions in film chamber. This movie will hit the sets in next month. With high expectations, this movie may come in next summer.

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