Wednesday, September 29, 2021
HomelatestMega Star To Quit Congress Or Entire Politics?

Mega Star To Quit Congress Or Entire Politics?

The undisputed king of Telugu film industry Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s political career seems to be in a great dilemma. Chiranjeevi has taken a long break from doing films and floated Praja Rajyam Party which later got merged in Congress for its own political benefits. Chiranjeevi has served as a Union Minister in Congress and his term as a Rajya Sabha M.P has come to an end by April 2018. This actor cum politician has completely shifted his focus on films and has been completely out of radar in the active politics.

 Though the AICC chief Rahul Gandhi

Though the AICC chief Rahul Gandhi has requested him to take part in active politics, he reportedly refused it politely. Chiru who has been totally confined to movies has not even renewed his membership in Congress which has expired very recently. This itself shows the lack of interest of Chiru on active politics. But is he really done with active politics or is he in the plans to shift his loyalties to the other party is the million dollar doubt.

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