Reddamma Talli (Cover Version) From Aravinda Sametha


Finally, it is here, the Reddamma Talli song. 100%, definitely, everyone in the theatres will calm while playing on the screen. Never get the impact of this without visuals and the voice and music are peaks. The scene level was increased 10 times with this song in the background. What an ultimate song it is… This is the best song in Aravinda Sametha. Certainly, every audience will wait for this song because it created that much of impact in the theatres. But, the song in the movie was sung by a lady, here the cover version is by Panchal Das. Moreover, he is the lyricist of this song and he sang it now.

peniviti and yedaboyinado songs

Generally, the four songs, especially Peniviti and Yedaboyinado songs got a marvellous response. But, no one knows about this song and it was a surprising element in the movie. The song grabs everyone attention and really no words to say about that. Will get the visual experience of that song. Undoubtedly, S.S.Thaman gave his career best album and he went to the next level. Moreover, lyricist& singer, Panchal Das is one of the valuable assets of Aravinda Sametha. He wrote this song very well and some lines in Yedabyinado song also.


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