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Megastar Family Halloween Celebrations #Devils

Megastar family is turned into Halloween mode. All are scaring with different horrible costumes excluding Ram Charan. Because Ram Charan in ‘Swami Deeksha’ but he existed there. Albeit, remaining all family members including Allu Arjun, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, and Upasana Konidela.


Chiranjeevi Daughters, also the family kids have participated in this Halloween party. Really, spending with family in a different way without tensions is the best part ever. Actually, Halloween day is October 31st, so the Megastar family appeared in different getups.



Albeit, due to face makeups we couldn’t find our hero Allu Arjun. Sai Dharam Tej appears as a normal man with a black suit. However, Ram Charan also existed there for the family photo and all are in the black dresses.


And, Upasana Konidela came up with Dracula. Although, Chiranjeevi wife Surekha also participated in it but just as a normal lady. She didn’t add colors to her face and her daughter-in-law Upasana scared her with danger gestures. Now, all those photos are going viral on social media. Although, Chiranjeevi look is also so horrible.



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