Megastar To The Rescue Of VVR Spat?

Megastar To The Rescue Of VVR Spat

The Sankranthi’s disaster Vinaya Vidheya Rama not only ended up as a failure but also made stage for some internal disputed among the makers and buyers. None other than the big brother Chiranjeevi came into the picture to settle this issue for once and forever.

The mega power star Ram Charan Tej who is known for returning a part of remuneration if his movies get losses has again determined to deal with the VVR losses. He asked the producer Danayya and the director Boyapati Seenu to return 5 crores each to the distributors along with himself. Due to their relationship, Danayya readily agreed to give his share with Charan but the director Boyapati is reluctant on giving back the sum. It is heavily speculated that both producer Danayya and Boyapati did indulge in some verbal war and all was not well between these two. Knowing about the entire scenario, Megastar Chiranjeevi heard all the versions and started finding the solutions. He asked Charan not to involve in distribution affairs from now on as he is the one who asked Danayya to give some theatrical rights to his good friends UV Creations. Then he brought in Allu Arjun to deal with Boyapati as these two share good rapport with each other.

With the entry of Chiru, everything is speculated to got settled down. Whatever might be the issue, the director Boyapati has become far from the team of VVR and to the mega fans with all this unwanted ruckuss.


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