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#MeToo Is Turning Dangerous – Vishal #WeToo

Currently, the hot topic in the film industry is #MeToo. MeToo has started in foreign countries against sexual harassment and assaults. Albeit, it has come to India now. This was started with Tanu Sree’s allegations over Nana Patekar. Though, after that, the victims are coming forward. So, the victims all came under #MeToo and fighting against sexual assaults in the film industry. This #MeToo fire has been touched all film industries like Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. Up to now, there are no allegations in the Telugu film industry is a fortune.


Albeit, in Tamil also #MeToo is going virally. Moreover, Sri Reddy created a sensation with her allegations in Telugu film industry and laterally in the Tamil film industry. Currently, she is busy with films, and that’s good. Though, recently, Vishal participated in an interview in the wake of Pandem Kodi 2 success.



Albeit, anchor has asked about #MeToo issue. He said, “At the time of Sri Reddy allegations, I and Karthi have responded quickly. Helping the victims is the only motive of us. To protect actresses from assaults, we provided a special counsel in Kollywood. Albeit, recently, the MeToo movement has been turned as a dangerous trend. I don’t do any mistake, but due to other reasons, if anyone put my name into this, what about my honor. I name will be bad immediately. To get a fame, we should do hard work and we may lose all the fame overnight because of fake allegations. If they are fake allegations, we don’t bare them, right!” He added, “That’s why, recently, Vara Laxmi has stated that As like MeToo for women, there is also WeToo for men and go & meet Vishal. He can protect the men.”


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