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Homelatest25 lakhs in 26 days; Amazing counts!

25 lakhs in 26 days; Amazing counts!

Metro Rail Covers 25 lakhs in 26 days 

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Hyderabad Metro Rail was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 29th this year. If checked, on an average, the metro rail is arriving at every station in around 10 minutes. But still one could see, heavy rush from morning till night.

As per L&T, 25 lakhs passengers travelled in Hyderabad Metro Rail in the first 26 days. As per information, around 1 lakh passengers must have commuted during weekdays, and the count has surpassed the 1 lakh mark on weekends. On this Sunday, a total of 1.25 lakh people travelled in the Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Regarding the speed of the Metro Rail, many complaints have been made by the Passengers who travelled in it. It is estimated that a distance of 27.6 km is covered in 1 hour time. While the Metro Rail Management informed the reason for the low speed of the Metro is due to few technical issues.

The Metro Rail authorities have given assurance that the rail will run at a speed of 60 km per hour once the technical issues are resolved.

Overall, if we can see there is a lot of craze among the common public to travel in the Metro Rail. While few like to go on Jolly rides taking selfies with their families, while few others are excited to enjoy the speed of the Train.

This weekend, more commuters are expected to board due to many public holidays and winter vacations for schools.

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