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HomelatestH-1B norms not so welcoming to Indian Techies

H-1B norms not so welcoming to Indian Techies

H-1B norms Tights Indian Techies

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The Department of Homeland Security has come up with much more tougher norms relating to H-1B. This is definitely not an appealing news to all those Indian software professionals who intend or wish to stay or live in the US.

According to International Immigration firm Fragomen, Department of Homeland Security is considering to revive 2011 proposal which endorses H-1B petitioners to preregister for the H-1B cap lottery. In addition to this, cap petitions must be submitted only after obtaining the cap numbers.H-1B norms Tights Indian Techies

The US government will look into the issue of H-1B cap numbers and issue, giving priority to the highly skilled and highly paid professionals. Shockingly, the spouses or the partners of the H-1B visa holders are not going to be allowed to work in the US anymore. It is important to note, that the count of cases seeking evidence to qualify for H-1B visas has doubled to 41percent.

Everyone believes that these changes are surely going to have a drastic impact on the Indian IT Companies which hold largest users of H-1B Visas and Non-Immigrant Visas. It looks like Trump decisions will make future of these IT Industry people’s life really difficult.

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