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Rakhi Sawant makes Virat Kohli Speechless; Ramdev Baba voiceless!

Rakhi Sawant wants Virat and Anushka to experience her condom

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Queen of controversies is back with a bang. The actress is well-known by all on how to make headlines just by her statements.

We all know, recently she announced in a press release about launching her own condom brand. Did you hear that? Yes, you are reading all right here, the actress indeed came up with her own condom brand. And now for promoting her condom brand, the actress became a bit over excited and gave a statement that she wishes the newlywed couple Virat and Anushka to be the first couple to ‘experience’ it.

Not stopping at that, she said, that she wants to gift them her condoms to play safe and she also wanted them to share their feedback on the product after experiencing it. In her own words “I feel my condoms are special, they are the first in the market to give so many flavors”.

Already these statements of her are so embarrassing, she did not stop there, and she targeted Baba Ramdev to come up with a condom brand for his product line, all because she wanted a worthy competitor.

She at her best shameless avatar, recently uploaded a video on Instagram, with her seducing voice in which she revealed her favorite Condom Flavor, which is Oudh, Paan, and Chocolate.

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