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Nani’s ‘MCA – Middle Class Abbayi’ Review

Middle Class Abbayi Review

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Actors: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika, Rajiv Kanakala

Producer: Dillraju

Director: Venu Sriram

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

Editor: Praveen Pudi

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Nani’s market has increased from 3 crores to 30 crores in the last 3 years. While heroes hailing from film fraternity are finding it hard to establish themselves, Nani has already emerged as a ‘Star’ hero. He has been on a spree of signing films in the past few years. His choice of movies played a crucial role in his successful career. His latest movie, MCA – Middle Class Abbayi is directed by Sriram Venu who is making a comeback after five years. He directed the film ‘Oh My Friend’ in the past.Let us take a look at ‘MCA – Middle Class Abbayi’.


The story rather starts with an emotional backdrop. Nani loses his mother during his childhood. His elder brother (Rajiv Kanakala) looks after Nani. They both develop a strong bonding right from their childhood. Soon, after getting a job, Nani’s elder brother finds hard to look after Nani.

Nani’s brother gets married [to Bhumika]. After his brother’s marriage, Nani starts feeling insecure about his relationship with this brother. At that juncture, Nani’s brother gets transferred to Delhi, and his sister-in-law (SIL) gets transferred to Warangal due to their respective professions. Nani is forced to accompany his SIL. It is at that time an unexpected event takes place in their lives.

By the time Nani realizes the value of his SIL, she faces a life-threatening situation. The rest of the films is all about, who is the behind all this and why?How did Nani manage to save the life of his Sister-in-law?


In recent times, many Telugu films shed light on the relation between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. But MCA becomes the first film to take the relationship as the central point of the movie. Nani and Bhumika excelled in their roles beautifully. It looks like the director did not concentrate deeply to bring out the true essence of their relationship. And even the scene in which Nani realizes his SIL’s goodness seems to be quite pale, lacking elevation and emotional depth.

More or less, the film’s central point drifted towards the love track between Nani and Sai Pallavi. With Sai Pallavi giving one her best performances, and Nani delivering his magic, the first half of the film disappears in a blink with clean and wholesome entertainment.

With the kind of villain’s introduction and build-up, and the photographic memory of the hero, one is bound to expect a thrilling second half. This is where the director fell falt. There are hardly any scenes that depict mind game between the hero and the villain. The characterization of the villain is far from cry when compared to his introduction. Scenes between the hero and the villain test our memory about past Telugu films. It is clear that the director lost his grip during the second half of the film. Everyone who has seen the movie might feel that the director has missed something very dearly. Overall, though the first is excellent, the second half gravely disappoints.

If the director had taken extra effort in writing the scenes between the hero and villain in the second half, MCA – Middle Class Abbayi would have turned out to be another blockbuster in Nani’s career. With nothing as expected, the film remains close to another routine Tollywood flick.

Plus Points

  • Nani & Sai Pallavi acting
  • Vijay Varma’s (Villain) acting
  • First Half and dialogues
  • DSP Music elevates the film
  • Rich production values from Dil Raju


  • Second Half
  • Hero – Villain episode in 2nd half
  • Weak screenplay between Nani and Bhumika
  • Love track dominating the central point

Telugu Bullet punchline: Middle Class Abbayi just manages to ‘Time pass’!

Rating: 2.75/5

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