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Minus Point For Arjun Reddy Movie

Minus Point Arjun Reddy Movie

Minus Point Arjun Reddy Movie: Vijaya Devarakonda movie Arjun Reddy having high exceptions by the film industry and audience. By the recent teaser and trailer, the movie standard is increased. How’s the movie going to be expectations are there by seeing the trailer. The story is going to be a new one. The hero Vijay Devarakonda is surely going to entertain the audience. He is with complete hope on this movie. If the movie is not good means only one can challenge with me he said. The movie unit is with full of confidence and going to release in this week.

All the arrangements and sensor programs are also complete. The sensor board gave A certificate for this movie. The romance scenes and action scenes in this movie are more so by this reason they gave A certificate. The movie is going to be 3 hours we can analyze by seeing sensor certificate. There is no movie in recent days of 3 hours duration. If the movie is more than two and half hours means the result may vary. In previous day’s due to extra duration, many movies are the flop. So many of them think the duration of the movie is a minus to this movie.

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