Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Modi Banking On Vizag Tour Prior To The Elections

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slowly bending down when it comes to the Andhra Pradesh these days. After becoming the rival of AP, this BJP big leader is inclining to the demands of AP people to get as many seats as he can in both Lok Sabha and State Assembly polls.

The constituency of Visakhapatnam has become a BJP fort and the leader Haribabu won over the most hyped YSRCP Chief’s mother Vijayamma. Despite AP’s hatred on BJP, Haribabu’s promise on bringing Visakhapatnam Special Railway Zone is keeping the BJP vote bank safe to an extend. Now prior to the General elections schedule announcement, Modi is preparing to hold a big Public meeting in Vizag. He is expected to announce something regarding Vizag and the local people are expecting something big like Special Railway Zone to the Vizag. BJP wants to hold the Vizag at any cost and the Saffron heads are finding a solution to impress the Vizag people. On the other hand, Modi who is reluctant on releasing funds for Polavaram sanctioned a few crores to soothe AP voters.

One has to wait and see what Modi promises more to the AP people other than Special Package. It is clear that they cannot win the State elections. But looking at the developments, it is clear that they are concentrating in Parliament seats which benefit Modi’s PM Chair in the Lok Sabha elections.

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