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Lakshmi’s NTR Trailer : Backstabbing Is The Main Plot

Lakshmi's NTR Movie Trailer

The most controversial maker RGV’s most hyped project Lakshmi’s NTR’s theatrical trailer has been out and the movie lovers took their time to watch this byte. As expected, RGV thrilled all by his casting and taking talents.

The trailer opens up with NTR in his final stages post the death of his first wife Basava Tarakam. It is then, NTR starts his TDP and becomes close to Lakshmi Parvathi who approaches the prior for writing his autobiography. In parallel time, all the family members ignore NTR and Parvathi stays close to NTR to do full service to him. Finally NTR marries her as his second wife and make her one of the important persons in his Political and personal life. This is the short theme line of Lakshmi’s NTR as speculated in the internet.

Coming to the technicalities, RGV casted the perfect looking actors for the roles of NTR, Hari Krishna, Mohan Babu and many others. He feared no one in canning all the controversial scenes and ended the trailer with the introduction of Nara Chandrababu Naidu into NTR’s life. Going by the trailer, it is clearly evident that CBN is the main antagonist as NTR in the closing shot says that he was completely backstabbed by the person he trusted the most. This trailer only created more curiosity among the audience.

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