Wednesday, March 29, 2023
HomelatestModi Being Unfair To Advani

Modi Being Unfair To Advani

Modi Being Unfair To Advani In President Elections

Modi Being Unfair To Advani: Advani, Who worked for the party for decades. The dreamer who knows about the BJP’s highest level. Superior Sr. who worked entirely to RSS ideology. The original RSS, PakisthanWho made the Sangh Parivar is known to the Hindus in the days that most people do not know. He is LK Advani. But now Advani, not a BJP member. He has no connection with the Sangh.

Advani made to quit from President post since the Pakistan former president, Jinnah. His well-wishers wanted Advani to be the President of India by giving him a minimum respect to his age. But his disciples made him worse. Modi not even giving him respect as he is the political teacher.He should be given respect for his works to the party.

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