Modi Showed His True Colors In U.P Hurting A.P People


Modi’s Recent Announcement In Uttar Pradesh Wrath Of The A.P People

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Despite huge protests within the state of A.P against the Central Government, the BJP continued hurting A.P people and their sentiments. One of Modi’s recent announcement in Uttar Pradesh has stunned all the regional parties of AP.

The bifurcation Act has become a hell for A.P post the division of Telangana. The state has got neither the promised funds and grants nor the Special Category Status. So-called top league BJP leaders like Modi, Amit Shah, Venkaiah Naidu etc cares a damn about the wrath of the A.P people. In spite of their trials and boon to the state by implementing their promises in the Parliament, they stabbed A.P once again in Uttar Pradesh.

The Investors Summit-2018 is currently going on in the capital Lucknow, UP. During his speech, Modi announced 20,000 crores worth Industrial Corridor to the U.P in Bundelkhand area leaving A.P in vain. Not stopping there, he promised two International Airports and development of towns to cities within UP state. In addition to these grants, Modi also announced Civil Aviation Projects to the BJP ruled state. 

Modi’s act irked each and every politician and citizen of A.P who are already fuming over him. Some political followers say that this act of Modi is a clear indication of his partiality over BJP ruled states and his alliance party-ruled states. Modi is testing the patience of A.P and his party BJP will certainly feel the heat of A.P if Centre fails to fulfill all its promises in the near future.

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