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HomelatestAfter CBI, Its Mauritius Govt’s Turn To Attack Jagan

After CBI, Its Mauritius Govt’s Turn To Attack Jagan

CBI Attack On Jagan After Mauritius Mauritius Government Turn

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It seems the hard time is not leaving Jagan who is already facing heat from the Enforcement Department and CBI. His past deeds fetched him an International Case which became viral in National level.With the backing of his father YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the Opposition leader YS Jagan almost earned many properties in the name of business and development. Having partners like Gali Janardhan Reddy, Nimmagadda Prasad, and others, he explored in and around United AP for expanding his business.

After the demise of his father, he got arrested by CBI and seized some of his properties. Spending almost one and a half year, he came out of Jail on bail but some cases are still haunting him as hell. One among those cases has become a huge headache as the case was linked to International affairs. Going into the details, Jagan and his friend cum Industrialist Shyam Prasad got a contract with Mauritius Government under the name of InduTech Zone Sez. As this Sez ended up as a scam of Jagan and Shyam, the Mauritius Government who has a stake of 49% based on a case appealed by a Mauritius company who faced losses despite investing in this Sez.

Now Mauritius Government has directly written a letter to the Indian Prime Minister Modi regarding this case asking for justice. In its letter, it claimed that this case comes under the Act of Breaching Bilateral Agreement between India and Mauritius. All are curious on this issue as Modi who is trying to include YSRCP into his alliance is now facing such case. On the flip side, Jagan is trying hard to bail out of all his existing cases. This new case will be a new nightmare for him.

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