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That is the only mistake I made – Mohan Babu

That is the only mistake I made – Mohan Babu

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Mohan Babu is one of the finest actors Telugu cinema has ever produced. Be it his dialogue diction, his mannerism and the ability to bring out the best when least expected, the actor has seen highs and lows throughout his film career. Outside the film world, he is renowned educationist and philanthropist. Speaking to a web channel, the actor revealed about the only mistake he has committed in his life.

The only mistake I committed in my entire 43-year-old career, is not appointing a secretary to look after my schedules and film-related issues. ‘If I ever had a secretary, it would the secretary’s responsibility to collect the remuneration from the producer. He can threaten the producer that I wouldn’t act for them next time if he doesn’t pay this time. He can also ask for privileges like a car for me. But that is not the case. I never had a secretary. Instead, I used to tell the producer; I would get my own car and food,’ said Mohan Babu.

Answering why people perceive him as a rough man to handle with, ‘if the producer doesn’t pay me, I go up to him and ask on his face. He may not appreciate my attitude towards him. This could be one of the reasons why people perceive me as rough. I advised my children to have the secretary’s to avoid the image I faced’, said Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu’s ‘Gayathri’ that released on February 9th is having a good run at the box office.

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