Monday, September 20, 2021

Mohini Movie Review

Cast: Trisha, Jackky Bhagnani, and others

Director: Ramana Madesh

Music: Vivek Mervin

Cinematography: R.B.Gurudev

Producer: S.Lakshman Kumar

The movie, Mohini with Trisha as lead role released on today. It’s shooting was started in 2016 but takes two years to release. This horror thriller made some expectations by Trisha’s different looking posters. Although, audience show interest in thriller and horror genres also. Let us take a discussion on MOHINI…

Movie Plot:

Vaishnavi(Trisha) runs a bakery in Hyderabad successfully. Suddenly, Vaishnavi needs to go to London for her friend’s marriage. In London, she joins in a bakery and falls in love with a guy there. Apart from that, in her room, a devil appears and scares her and her friends. At some time, the devil getting into Vaishnavi’s body. That devil’s name is Mohini. Why Mohini selects Vaishnavi among all the girls and what she does after that..? These elements lead to the further screenplay.


The way of traveling the story some predictable. The elements in the movie which are comedy tracks and cinematography make us watch the movie. Basic devil’s flashback is somewhat different but not in convincing mode. In a Horror film, everyone wants to experience the fear and thrill but there is no fulfillment in that aspects. Because we have seen that so many types of thriller and horror films and experienced much stuff in that way. So, we need freshness in screenplay and twisting moments in the film. Music may be adaptable to Tamil version but it not suits to Telugu version.Actually, RR is sole for the horror films but the lack of BGM thriller sounds also down the cinema range.

Elevating scenes are somewhat good and taking also good. But, the lag in the screenplay is embarrassing to watch and logic in the film is not convincible. In previous films, Nayaki and Kalavathi Trisha did a great job to her version as well as in this film also she gave her best. Other actors also did a good job. This movie may be good for Tamil version because in Telugu version director should be taken care on RR and dubbing. The cinematography is definitely awesome and the songs are may not suitable for Telugu. Finally, MOHINI’s magic maybe not well.

Telugubullet Punchline: Mohini… doesn’t scare… Does embarrass…

Telugubullet Rating: 2/5

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