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TRS MPs Uncertain About AP Special Category Status

The neighborhood State Telangana is showcasing its dual stand on AP and its Special Category Status. A brief look on TRS MPs changing tunes from past to present explains it all.

Post the bifurcation, the TRS Government initially fought against the AP regarding some issues like splitting of Government institutions, Secretariat etc. as the years passed by, the Telangana CM seemed to be having a soft corner on his brotherly state AP. Visiting places like Tirumala, Amaravati, Vijayawada etc, KCR declared that he is always ready to extend his helping hand for AP. For those who didn’t believe his words, TRS MPs in the happened Budget Sessions of the Parliament stood in support of Special Category Status to AP. None other than KCR in the State and his daughter Kavitha at the Centre voiced out their supports for AP.

Cut to the present, these leaders have now taken a U-turn in the Monsoon Sessions. Despite supporting the AP’s problems, their MPs tried their best to halt the speeches of AP MPs. Not stopping there, some stated their disagreement on giving SCS to AP. Controversial MP Vinod Kumar objected SCS stating the reason that if SCS is given to AP, many industries would shift to the Residual Telugu State from Telangana. The same song was sung by the Nalgonda MP G.Surender Reddy in the Rajya Sabha the other day. In the T-State, its Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao stated his stand against the SCS for AP a couple of days before.

These uncertain leaders again changed their mind overnight as they again support SCS to AP. Harish Rao in a matter of one night declared his support for AP. Rajya Sabha member Kesava Rao in the house demanded the Centre fulfill their promises to the AP immediately. Only God knows their original stand on this issue.

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