Janasenani’s Packed Schedule In West Godavari

Janasenani packed schedule in West Godavari

After completing his Uttarandhra tour, Pawan Kalyan chose West Godavari as per the strategy of his party’s think tank. From the day before yesterday, his schedule and future meetings display his tight packed schedule in West Godavari.

Touted to be one of his biggest fan base district, West Godavari is also known for having the majority of voters belong to his community. Despite Pawan’s will against the caste system, the maximum percentage of voters always relate themselves to their community leaders. So this tour is more than important for Janasena to fetch more seats in order to become the King Maker.

Since the time he stepped into the Bhimavaram, Pawan has been conducting back to back meetings with Students, Muslim brothers, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Aqua Victims etc along with Janasena Cadre. Such leader is all set to officially start the West Godavari District tour from today. Pawan is expected to be holding a public meeting today at 4 P.M. to address the local issues. Also, his team is planning a one day protest against the AP Government for the justice of Aqua Park Victims tomorrow.

In the happened two days stay in Bhimavaram, Pawan Kalyan mainly focussed on the two Princes of AP CMs. Stating Lokesh as the backdoor leader, Pawan ridiculed the CM’s son by declaring that he can’t win if he contests in any constituency. Talking about Jagan, Pawan compared himself with Jagan by saying that unlike Jagan, he is just a son of a constable.

On the closing note, Pawan Kalyan condemned Jagan’s personal attack and asked his well-wishers not to drag Jagan’s family into the mud as he is ending the issue here itself.


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