Pawan Kalyan Comments On TDP Backfired

Pawan Kalyan comments on TDP backfired

The Janasena President has been on a spree of conducting meetings with many groups in the West Godavari District. His shocking statements regarding the TDP is making many political lovers perplexed.

In a meeting with some students and activists who support Janasena, Pawan Kalyan who claims credit for TDP’s win in 2014 has made sensational revelations. This ex-alliance partner of TDP went on to claim that his word of support to the TDP made them won 16 seats just from the Godavari Districts. For a leader like Pawan Kalyan who limits himself down to the Earth, this kind of revelations might sink his image. As per the Political experts, Pawan might be having exceptional craze among the youth and vote bank as he belongs to one big community. But this has nothing to do with the TDP’s win as BJP and TDP’s own vote bank totally constituted for the alliance’s win.

Listening to his comments, some TDP leaders of the Godavari Districts laughed their heart out. They question Pawan that if at all his word has such power to fetch seats, they reminded that PRP got just one seat in West Godavari in 2009. They went further and utilized this chance to degrade Pawan by recollecting the fact that his brother being hailed from the same district miserably lost in Palakollu constituency. As usual, the Janasena followers came to bat for their Supreme’s words. According to them, his words were misunderstood by his haters. Pawan for sure can’t win 16 seats but his support made TDP win over YSRCP which is equally competitive in the past elections.


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