More Grants From The YSRCP Chief For The Pensioners

More Grants From The YSRCP Chief For The Pensioners

The YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has flagged off his AP tour spree starting from his own constituency of Kadapa. In this first meeting, he announced stunning offers to the pensioners and took time to shoot missiles at the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Jagan already made many announcements regarding his Nava Ratna and pensions scheme is one among them. However, within the short time, Naidu increased the TDP Pension schemes to the old age people to 2000. This is an indirect copy of Jagan’s already announced Pension scheme among the Nava Ratnas. Speaking to the recorded number of YSRCP cadre, Jagan blamed Babu of copying his Pension scheme idea. Not stopping there, this Kadapa leader thrown a bomb on CBN by increasing the Pension scheme of his more than that of TDP Government. Jagan promised that if he comes to Power, then the YSRCP lead Government would give away 3000 rupees of pension to all the senior citizens. As this is not enough, Jagan outshined KCR and Modi’s help to farmers by announcing that he would give 12,000 rupees annually to aid the farmers to stop suicides.

The Opposition leader claimed that CBN copied his schemes just like the past CM Vijayabhaskar Reddy did to the NTR’s schemes and lost in elections. In the similar manner, Jagan is hoping that CBN who carbon xeroxed his schemes would also end up in the losers position.


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