Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 forums open

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Samsung has brought forth Moto E6 and Galaxy Tab S6 and has contributed well to the techno-savvy market. Customers have access to unique smartphones.

Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 forums are now of course open.

Wherever there is a phone or tablet being sold, someone is indeed looking out for more information about it. This week, there are two new device forums opening up so that people can gather the required information. The devices happen to be quite different from each other. It is better to join one of the forums in relation to Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

The Moto E6 has been launched on Verizon last week as a super affordable device. For just $149 a person has access to a 5.5-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 SoC, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera, and 3,000 mAh batteries.

Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 forums open

Both Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are unique in their own way.

It is indeed slightly more exciting as far as Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is concerned. Think of this tablet as a Galaxy Tab S5e with an S Pen and up-to-date specs. It has a 10.5-inch WQXGA, Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 855 SoC, up to 6GB of RAM, dual rear cameras, 4 speakers, an in-display fingerprint scanner, built-in S Pen charger, and 7,040 mAh battery. Looking from a feature perspective, both Moto E6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 have their specifications catering to the needs of the customer.

For years Samsung users had to resort to the ever-popular ‘battery pull’ due to “freezing up of Android and TouchWiz. This could be on account of third- party applications aggravating up, underlying bugs within Android or the TouchWiz OEM skin or even something with the hardware too such as the modem freezing up.

Samsung has achieved a lot this year and it has been a tumultuous year for it as well. It has come up with buoyant and complacent devices and most successful Android smartphones. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 has an eclectic curved-glass twin.

 Samsung achievements

Samsung has indeed been experimenting with metal bodies up and down its product lineup, so it is not at all surprising for its successful venture in launching new models that come in full aluminum trim.

Samsung’s phones have been rather difficult to tell apart in the past on account of the company’s very set template, and the Galaxy S6 does feel like something of a missed opportunity in terms of a breakout design. With new materials and new priorities, Samsung could have rather gone in exciting directions but the Galaxy S6 not only indicates its forward approach but somehow manages to appear similar to Sony’s and Apple’s achievements.

Samsung has indeed come a long way with its in-house Exynos processor for all global versions of the Galaxy S6 which does indicate the company’s growing confidence in its ability to compete with top-tier technology firms such as Qualcomm. The Exynos 7420 SoC has four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A53 cores and four 2.1GHz Cortex A57 cores, thus allowing the phone to strike a balance between performance and of course power consumption for all sorts of tasks. There is also 3GB of RAM, which happens to be the standard approach for top-end phones now.

With no microSD card slot, Samsung has made the Galaxy S6 available in multiple storage configurations. The strategy and pricing follow Apple’s precedents, but the base model comes with 32GB rather than 16GB, which seems like a direct shot across the bow.









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