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HomelatestInteresting Buzz: Mudragada Leaning Towards Janasena?

Interesting Buzz: Mudragada Leaning Towards Janasena?

The Political party Janasena under the leadership of its Supreme Pawan Kalyan is getting enormous buzz. Within the passed couple of months, it has been attracting many seniors with Pawan’s charisma and dynamic speeches. Party’s latest stand on Kapu Reservations tempted a big BC leader to hold the flag of Janasena.The leader is none other than the AP BCs representative Mudragada Padmanabham who is fighting hard for Kapu Reservations with the ruling parties in Andhra Pradesh. Even though Pawan belongs to his community, Mudragada didn’t show his interest in joining Janasena.Janasena on the BC reservations

But with the latest stand of Janasena on the BC reservations is making this Ex MP lean towards this party. Pawan Kalyan declared that his party would fight for the Kapu Reservations with the Central Government under the Section Nine Act of the Indian Constitution. Mudragada who welcomed the decision of Pawan Kalyan regarding this issue is now thinking of joining the party. Mudragada despite having popular image and lovely start in Politics failed to make it big in the AP elections. He won as an MLA multiple times and served as an MP of Kakinada earlier and found place in NTR’s cabinet. Later he left the party in order to fight for the BC reservations in East Godavari.

Pawan Kalyan regarding Mudragada Pawan Kalyan regarding Mudragada Right now this news is merely a speculations from the sources close to the Mudragada camp. Analysts predict a possibility of turning this speculation a reality for many reasons. Already Pawan has been tagged as a Kapu leader by some communities and Mudragada’s addition would be a huge plus. Also Mudragada will be asking an MP ticket for Kakinada if he joins the party. Kakinada is flooded with BCs and 90% of the time, Kapu leaders ruled the place including Mudragada in 1999. We have to wait and see if Mudragada and his batch support Janasena as they are left with no options in TDP and YSRCP which ditched Kapus in the AP.

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