Rahul Gandhi’s Hyderabad Tour Shaking TRS Tent

Rahul Gandhi’s Hyderabad Tour Shaking TRS Tent

Daring and dashing CM of Telangana, KCR who always troubles his rivals for the first time is rumoured to be trembled. A brief look at the ongoing Political developments in Telangana explains it everything.As planned, the AICC President Rahul Gandhi visited the Hyderabad the other day and participated in a Public Meeting. Rahul showed maturity and clarity in his speech and claims this time and his speech impressed all. Slamming Modi at the Centre and KCR in the Telangana, Rahul declared that these two are playing with the people of Telangana.

Rahul Gandhi visited the HyderabadHe reminded the people that Congress is the one which gave Separate Telangana and waved a loan barriers of nearly 2.5 lakhs of crores in the past. All in all Rahul’s speech had become the talk of Telangana political circles especially in the TRS camp. KCR who behaved as the undefeated King of Telangana all these years started worrying about Rahul’ ls Hyderabad tour.Political observers are here to explain KCR’s concerns about Rahul’s visit to his state. Rahul’s visit strengthened the local Congress leaders who are distancing themselves with the party these days.

Rahul is speculated to be meeting

Now they believe they can do something looking at AICC Chief’s statistics. Also Rahul is speculated to be meeting the T-TDP leaders and other anti KCR leaders like Prof Kodandaram etc to form a mega alliance. Neither Congress nor TDP in Telangana can defeat TRS but their alliance can show its impact and this fact is making the TRS Supreme restless. Rahul is expected to take a final call on this mega alliance of Telangana Opposition Parties in two more days from now.

Rahul is expected to take a final call


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