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KCR Concerned About Rahul Gandhi’s Visit To OU

The AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi is planning to visit the Osmania University and its students to organize a huge Public meeting to promote Congress in Telangana. According to the Political analysts, the TRS Chief is the most worried person about Rahul’s visit. Let us find out the reasons for KCR’s concerns.

AICC National Chief Rahul Gandhi

It is a fact that the deaths of thousands of Osmania Students during the Telangana Movement played a major impact on the NDA Government to declare the separate State. Such students and their families were ignored by the Telangana Chief Minister KCR post his victory as the first CM of the newest State. This backstabbing of KCR had wounded the Student Federations of Osmania who are now considering KCR as their big enemy. It is due to this reason, KCR backed from meeting the Indian President in the OU the other day.

 Indian President in the OU the other day.

Now the AICC National Chief Rahul Gandhi is using this hatred on KCR as his advantage by meeting them. Sources close to this bachelor Politician state that Rahul is all set to congratulate Osmania Students for their stunning fight during the movement and lure them towards Congress with unique offers. It is not an exaggeration if Rahul offers a party ticket to one of the students union leaders for 2019 elections against TRS. Unable to counter this ploy of Rahul, KCR seemed to be counting stars in order to stop this meeting and to attract OU students towards TRS.

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