Venkatesh & Rana Come Together


“Working with Babai would be a dream for sure. But it is not going to be easy. We can’t team up just for the heck of it. When we come together, it should be the perfect story. It should a film people will remember. Hopefully, a good script will come up. The thought itself is so exciting,” Rana had told in a press meet. Finally, that excitement doubled, Rana comes up with Venkatesh. But, not for the film, for the web series. The multilingual web series based on former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Actually, it’s director AMR Ramesh had planned it to make a film but converted to make web series.

Venkatesh & Rana Come Together

AMR Ramesh said, “This story required more screen time in terms of narration, which was one of the reasons we chose to make it into a web series. Rana Daggubati, who is backing the project and is very keen on the same, was the one who mooted the idea. We chose to call the series LTTE for international appeal. The first season will focus on the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi, while the following seasons will see the rise of LTTE and the late former chief of the outfit, V Prabhakaran. We are looking at Venkatesh playing the role of IPS officer Karthikeyan. Rana is going to play a vital role in the series as well.”

Rana comes up with Venkatesh

“The series will be multilingual, with us retaining the native tongue based on where we are shooting, which would mean Kannada in Bengaluru, Hindi or English in Delhi, Tamil in Chennai and Sri Lankan Tamil when shooting in north Sri Lanka. We will be shooting at the actual locations,” he added. Finally, Babai and Abbai come together.


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