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HomelatestShocking Murder In Front Of Police At Attapur

Shocking Murder In Front Of Police At Attapur

Four Unknown Identities by utilizing hatchet murder a man in broad daylight in the presence of so many people and constable. A murder occurred at Attapur pillar number 143 in light within the sight of a police constable who is in duty on Wednesday. After performing the murder, murderers spent some time on the road. One of the murderers in the group adjusting his shirt and another denounced by holding the hatchet indicated it to the person whom they killed more than once.

 Ramesh and he was the prime accused murder case

Another Three murderers threaten to the public with the Axe which they carried on. The public watched the murder like spectators and other people have no idea about the incident among the audience only one person come forward to confront them but he failed, after execute they absconded on bikes. One police vehicle was also passed during that time however they haven’t reacted. The entire murder occurrence was recorded in the adjacent CCTV film which brought up numerous issues on the security of the general population and indicated how effortlessly lawbreakers can do murders in the event that they plan.

murder like spectators and other people

The victim was recognized as Ramesh and he was the prime accused murder case for Mahesh goud which took at Shamshabad mucchintal before. The victim in the wake of going to the case in the court on his way, at that point the Mahesh goud relatives assaulted him with a hatchet and did the murder. The victim yelled for help from the public and police, however, no one spared him. This Incident happened at regular intervals these days but police and government are not taking any strict actions. Few Observes saying that we need to blame society first who didn’t react while an incident is happening.

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