Nadendla Manohar Treated With High Priority In Janasena?


As we all know, Nadendla Manohar the senior politician from Congress has joined Janasena party a while back. This politician seems to have a special place in Pawan’s party. Let’s dwell into the details of it. Nadendla Manohar who has served as the last speaker for united Andhra Pradesh has a clean image in his long political career. This senior politician who is a two-time member of the legislative assembly in A.P has been invited to Janasena with open arms. Unlike other politicians, Nadendla Manohar is heard to have a good place in Janasena.

If we observe the meetings of Pawan, we can easily recognize Nadendla sharing ideas with Janasenani in all the meetings.Though many other politicians have joined Janasena, no one has got such an opportunity to date to accompany Pawan all the time in his public meetings. This itself shows the priority Janasenani is giving to this senior politician. Might be Pawan is thinking that the clean image of Nadendla Manohar would give a positive vibe for the party.


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