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Tanish’s “Desa Dimmari” Theatrical Trailer

Desa Dimmari

Tanish, famous as a child artist and as a hero he did many films. Albeit, we all know that he was a Bigg Boss contestant and moreover he is one of the finalists and top3. Although, when he was in Bigg Boss house his ‘Rangu’ movie trailer was released. But, the release date is not disclosed yet now. But, here is another movie trailer of him, i.e, Desa Dimmari. However, this movie director Nagesh Naradasi made the movie ‘Ninnu Choosing Kshanana’ in 2010. And, now after 8 years, he made this movie with Tanish.

 The trailer has majorly action

Come to the trailer, it is looking like an action movie. The trailer has majorly action sequences and has also some romantic shots. Finally, after Nakshatram movie he is ready to release either Rangu or this Desa Dimmari. Of course, we know that Tanish played the antagonist role in Nakshtram movie. Albeit, the music director Subash Anand has a good track record. Together with the musical legend Shankar Mahadevan, Anand composed the “Women Anthem” song, a melody greatly appreciated by the media and the general public. However, Anand’s work is not limited to the Telugu Film Industry. He has also composed music for Bhojpuri films.

child artist and as a hero he did many films

Cast: Tanish, Sherin, Suman, Mukul Dev, Fish Venkat & Others
Banner: Saveena Creations
Producer: Swatantra Goel
Director: Nagesh Naradasi
Music: Subhash Anand

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