I am Representing Entire Tollywood Regarding Casting Couch: Naga Babu

Naga Babu Fires On Sri Reddy Over Tollywood Casting Couch

Naga Babu Fires On Sri Reddy Over Tollywood Casting Couch

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Mega brother Nagababu is known for his reactions whenever someone throws mud on the Industry. Such persona has kept calm until Sri Reddy verbally abused his loving brother Pawan Kalyan. In a press meet which happened a moment ago, he lambasted media and Sri Reddy group like anything.

Naga Babu started the speech by declaring that he has a huge respect for the people who fight for the problems. He continued by asking Sri Reddy if she has any ethics to abuse his brother Pawan Kalyan who left everything to do service. This actor cum producer asked Sri Reddy why should his brother or any hero like Chiru, Nagarjuna, Balayya and Venkatesh come and address you on this issue. Declaring that he is enough to represent the entire Industry regarding this issue, he slammed Sri Reddy and her batch to apologize and stop this Hungama from now at least.

Nagababu reminded the fact that the so-called big actresses since Savitri to Soundarya have succeeded without casting couch. On the same note, he fumed fire on some media channels which are attaching Political conspiracy to these protests in order to defame TFI and his mega family. Once again he requested the media not to get colored by any Political Party and present the news as it is. Last but not the least; he revealed that the MAA has founded a committee to have a review on wages of junior artists in order to eliminate middlemen in the industry.

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