Social Media Going Crazy Over Naga Babu Comments

Naga Babu Sensational Comments On Balakrishna

The mega brother Nagababu is unstoppable in hitting potshots on his alleged enemy Bala Krishna on Youtube in the name of videos. Since yesterday, this former producer is releasing videos for every twelve hours to counter the Nandamuri hero as a part of his vain.Naga Babu all of a sudden waged a verbal war on Balayya for the latter’s ignorant behavior on Pawan Kalyan in the past.

After claiming that he doesn’t know who Balayya is, Naga Babu dared to make fun of the Hindupur MLA by posting some derogatory poems and pictures directly pointing at him. This attack reached to the next level when Naga Babu started to release video bytes by directly attacking Balayya by dwelling into the recent past. This might be fair on Naga Babu’s part as far as his brotherhood with Pawan Kalyan is concerned but the netizens who are neutral pose many questions to this Jabardasth Judge.

They ask Naga Babu for his longtime silence and suddenly responding now when the other side is silent. Some went further and ask this actor why he is targeting only Balayya when his co-judge Roja made further bad comments on both Chiru and Pawan Kalyan. Whereas the anti-mega fans conclude this attack of Naga Babu as a Political stunt to irk Mega supporters against the TDP and to gain sympathy on Pawan Kalyan amidst the General elections. These videos are not going to stop anywhere soon as Naga Babu asked his followers to stay tuned for more.


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