Nagababu Warns Kathi Mahesh For The First Time

Nagababu Strong Warning To Kathi Mahesh

Nagababu warns Kathi Mahesh for the first timeThe controversial critic Kathi Mahesh who lacked limelight dared to get it with his recent acts. After finishing the never-ending fight with Pawan Kalyan fans, he dared to comment against Hindu Gods this time.Kathi Mahesh who sings the song of Freedom of Speech has been crossing the line multiple times in recent debates. In one of a media debate regarding Politics, this Bigg Boss Season One housemate made derogatory comments on Hinduism and its Gods, especially on the epic Ramayanam and Lord Rama. Fumed with his remarks, tons of Hindu followers and their leaders demanded the arrest of Kathi Mahesh. A few Hindus registered multiple cases on this Pesarattu director for legal action.

Now, none other than mega brother Nagababu responded in this issue like anything.Nagababu who generally keeps himself distance from controversy didn’t open his mouth when he fought with Pawan Kalyan fans and called names on Janasenani. This time, he got vexed with Kathi Mahesh’s acts and released a video byte warning the critic. In the released video, Nagababu declared that Ramayan is as holy as Kuran and Bible and they consider it as high as any other God. remembering his father who reads Ramayan very frequently, he warned Kathi Mahesh not to demean Hinduism and Hindu Gods in the name of Freedom of Speech.

This mega brother asked the two State Governments to take serious action on Mahesh or else people would take the law into their hands. Finally, Naga Babu opined that this acts of Kathi have some hidden agenda of belittling Hinduism with a specific purpose.Latest information reveals that the ACP of Banjara Hills region already arrested this critic and is interrogating deeply. Some haters of Kathi Mahesh want him to get punished legally for his cheap and nonsensical comments on Hindu Gods.


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