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Nag to romance Tabu?

Nag to romance Tabu?

No Telugu audience can ever forget the romantic family drama movie, ‘NinnePelladatha’. The film is best remembered for the ‘romance’ between Nagarjuna and Tabu, along with sensational music and a good story. Many people still hold an opinion that Nag and Tabu were deeply in love all through that movie and even after that too. At times, remarks made by Tabu clearly hint a puzzle around the pair’ relation. Though Nagarjuna cites Tabu as his family friend, many people believe she is something more than that to him.


It was rumored that Tabu would be seen along Nagarjuna in his upcoming film under the direction of RGV. Nag would be seen playing a cop role. Close sources to the production unit have confirmed that ‘Tabu’ isn’t even being considered for the film, and most likely a young heroine or current heroine would be paired alongside Nagarjuna.


It also has to be noted that, Nagarjuna is acting along with Nani under Sriram Aditya. Star producer Ashwini Dutt is producing this film. Currently, the pre-production work of the film is underway. The film’s production unit is yet to confirm the actress who would be starring opposite to Nagarjuna. If role alongside Nagarjuna goes to Tabu, the film’s expectations would be soaring high, given the anticipation of the ‘romantic magic’ this pair has created in the past.


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