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Nagarjuna to be a part of Akhil’s ‘Hello’!

Nagarjuna To Be A Part Of Akhil’s ‘Hello’ Movie

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Akhil Akkineni is currently shooting for his upcoming film ‘Hello’. The film is being directed by director Vikram Kumar, who is famous for his unique films like 24 and 13B. The director has previously worked with Akkineni family for the film ‘Manam’ that featured heroes of 3 generations on the same screen. Even before any promotion, a lot of hype has been built around ‘Hello’. The film is being produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna.


The latest buzz is thatAkkineni Nagarjuna will be a part of the film apart from being its producer. It is confirmed that Nagarjuna will be giving his voice to the film

As per the initial script, Nagarjuna was to be seen playing a guest role. After the changes to the script, the team decided to limit Nagarjuna for voice over. The production unit has confirmed that Nagarjuna will introduce both the hero and heroine characters in the film.


One has to wait and see how far Nagarjuna’s voice would be helpful in achieving the success of the film. With Akhil’s first film ‘Akhil’ has been an utter flop, all the hopes are on this film. Nagarjuna is taking utmost care for this film. The film is scheduled to release on December 22nd as a Christmas gift. Nagarjuna ensured that no other star hero films would be released during the release of ‘Hello’.

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