Nakrekal MLA’s Hand Behind Pranay Murder: Claims Amrutha

Nakrekal MLA's Hand Behind Pranay Murder
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The sensational murder case of a young married man Pranay by his wife’s father Maruthi Rao shook the two Telugu States. Post the arrest of her father Maruthi Rao, wife of demised, Amrutha Varshini reveals the name of a Politician who helped her father to condemn Pranay.

 Amrutha Varshini who has been shattered watching his loving

In her latest press meet, Amrutha Varshini who has been shattered watching his loving husband die demanded a deep probe into the case. She stated that her father Maruthi Rao had met the Nakrekal MLA Vemula Veeresham to execute Pranay and the MLA made arrangements for the murder. Not stopping there, she claimed that her father has connections with the Nayeem gang and the murderer was an old gangster. However, Police are supporting Amrutha’s claims to an extent but not everything. In their investigation, Police found out that her father met each and every Politician who can help him get the daughter back to the home. Not stopping there, Police revealed that they tried to convince Pranay and his parents that permission of Amrutha’s parents is compulsory for inter-caste marriage.

With the new name floated by Amrutha,

With the new name floated by Amrutha, this case turned interesting. Murderer, father Maruthi Rao and a few others were arrested and sent to remand. Many along with the demised parents demand a verdict for the culprits to do justice for Pranay.


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