Nandamuri Fans Wish The Patch Up Of Balayya And NTR Jr

Nandamuri Fans Wish The Patch Up Of Balayya And NTR Jr

Nandamuri Hari Krishna left many fans of Nandamuri in vain with his death. Post his demise, the well-wishers of this family and followers wish and pray for the unity of entire Nandamuri family.

tdp and nandamuriFor some strange reasons better known to the Nandamuri family, Hari Krishna distanced himself from TDP and his brother Balayya since ages. Despite the fact that being the Polit Bureau Member of TDP, Hari Krishna never attended to any Party meetings post the elections of 2014. Hari Krishna who left TDP after his father NTRs’ demise actually founded the party, NTR TDP but failed miserably. Later CBN offered Hari Krishna a ticket for Hindupur and the latter won with a record majority in entire AP. He served as an MP from the same constituency but he resigned at the time of AP Bifurcation with distress. Since then, he is keeping both CBN and Balayya and same does his sons Kalyan Ram and NTR Jr.

Nandamuri family

In this dire situation to Hari Krishna’s family which lost the family head and elder brother Janakiram, they need a big brother to console and direct them. So the fans wish CBN to take the lead and re-unite Balayya and NTR Jr to have more moral support. NTR Jr too reluctant on teaming up with TDP post his car accident but he never opposed Balayya in front of media. Already Balayya tried his best to mingle with Kalyan Ram and Taarak by being with them the whole yesterday. To these trails, CBN should guide them as a well-wisher and provide a lovely atmosphere within the family of Nandamuri.

 Balayya and NTR


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