Nani Next Two Project Details

Nani next movie details

Nani next movie details

Natural star Nani is doing good with his career with a list of success hit. He has a continous hit of 7movies. He is now up with his latest movie Ninnu Kori witch is also a blockbuster. With this huge craze of Nani, Top Directors are queuing for Nani dates. Nani finalizes his next two projects. The two movies consequently proceeds with the shooting. The two movies gets officially announce on the same day. Here are Nani next movie details.

Nani’s 20th film is to be under Dil Raju’s production. The crew has finalizes the title as ‘MCA’. Sri Ram Venu is to direct the film with DSP music flicks. Consequently, Nani is to work on his 21st film under Merlapaka Gandhi’s direction with the working title ‘Krishnarjuna Yudham’. This title raises the expectations over the film. one of the film will be on screens by the end of the year.

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