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Youth Politics Training In Happy Resorts

Nara Lokesh select Happy Resorts for Youth Politics Training

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Nara Lokesh select Happy Resorts for Youth Politics Training:, has now taken one step further. The same plan is expecting in 2024. During the party’s formation in 1983, many youngsters joined TDP and now became the big leaders. At the age of 30, they joined and now they have crossed 60. Chandrababu gets ready to replace the senior’s son’s in the next election. He also declared the same thing. But the party is not only about MLA, Babu wants the young generation in all departments. So plans are making to give the priority to young generation. The leadership training are going for the sharp young man.

This training program is for the young man in Telugu Nadu Students Federation who are active. The Happy Resort in Guntur became training place. Peddi Rama Rao, who is always behind Lokesh got the chance to train these further politicians. Peddi Rama Rao, an expert in the theater arts, who is brother in law to Rajiv Kanakala. He prepared the NTR campaign speeches in 2009. Later he helped Lokesh in all the matters.

Leadership in politics, social conditions, personality development, leadership qualities, and speeches are learning by
Telugu Students in the supervision of Peddi Rama Rao. Even they are having meals in Happy Resorts. Sri Sri Maha Prastanam book is given in the kit for young people going out after training. Does Babu is spreading any message to the opposition through this saffron color, as who said that the red flags are not allowed.

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