Nara Lokesh Staying Away From The Party Affairs Of Telangana?


The IT and Panchayati Raj minister of A.P Nara Lokesh seems to be confined only to A.P state as his presence is not at all seen in Telangana which is going to the elections in a few more days. Unlike before Lokesh is completely focussing on the constituencies of A.P rather than peeping his nose in the party affairs of Telangana. As per the political analysts, Chandrababu Naidu seems to be taking utmost care in not giving any chance to any political leaders to take potshots on him.

Nara Lokesh Staying Away From The Party Affairs Of Telangana

We have seen earlier, Lokesh has campaigned in Telangana for GHMC elections but was able to manage only one seat for TDP.The political parties also take potshots on Lokesh now and then for not facing direct elections till now instead got the nominated minister post. This really seems like CBN is not interested in taking a risk when it comes to his son’s political career. But he has taken a huge risk by teaming up with Congress in Telangana. Have to wait and see whether his strategy works or not.


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