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HomelatestIs Narendra Modi, a political advisor or broker?

Is Narendra Modi, a political advisor or broker?

Is Narendra Modi, a political advisor or broker?

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Who is Narendra Modi? He is the Prime Minister of India. This is what any school student will probably answer. But if you ask the same question in political circles they might have different views. Few call him the ‘magical Modi’, while others from Congress and other opposition parties might term his as a mere sound-box that speaks more, works less.

Ask the same question in the Tamil Nadu political circles. They would either call him as ‘Political Advisor’ or ‘Political broker’ depending on their liking of the terms. More or less, both the terms mean one and the same.

But why this fuss about Modi right now? We have a reason for that. Everyone who follows national politics should be aware of the war between OPS (O Panneerselvam), Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu and EPS (E Palaniswami), the CM of Tamil Nadu in the past. All of a sudden, OPS extended his support to EPS and merged his faction with the latter. While this came as a surprise, no one had a clue on how it culminated.

But speaking at a party office-bearers meeting, OPS stated that, it is on the advice of PM Narendra Modi, he has merged his faction with EPS. He did not further specify when did Modi advise him and where.

This comes to a sweet surprise to the Tamil people. Did Modi give political advice? Or he became a political broker between OPS and EPS factions?

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