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NASA to pay $4.6 billion to Lockheed Martin for making six space capsules for Artemis mission

NASA has rewarded 2.7 billion dollars to Lockheed Martin, the US-based aerospace and security Company for constructing three Orion capsules for Artemis missions III-V. NASA’s first women will be traveling in those missions and a man will travel to the Moon by the year 2024.

The US space organization in plans to order for three more Orion capsules in the year 2022 for the Artemis missions VI-VIII, for a whole sum of $1.9 billion, NASA mentioned in a press report.

“This deal secures Orion production in the next decade, showing NASA’s obligation to building a sustainable experience at the Moon to bring back new information and prepare for sending spacewalkers to Mars,” Jim Bridenstine specified in a declaration.

NASA to pay $4.6 billion to Lockheed Martin for making six space capsules for Artemis mission

NASA quotes that the Orion capsule will be able to carry the astronauts to the Moon and back, it will also be competent enough to tour to other missions such as Mars and more.
“Orion is a highly-proficient, state-of-the-art spaceship, planned especially for deep space missions with spacemen, and an essential part of NASA’s framework for Artemis missions and prospective exploration of the solar system,” Bridenstine extended.

The examine unit of the Orion, that provides the power and impulsion for Orion during the mission, is managed by European Space Agency(ESA), NASA mentioned in an earlier press release.

The Orion capsules are also planned to be reusable. The continual plan of NASA is to reclaim the recovered crew modules at least once. The Artemis mission is the US space Organization’s next step in the field of space discovery by humans. It is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars discovery program.

Earlier this month, NASA opened up using a huge tank of water at its Neutral Buoyancy Lab to organize its astronauts for the upcoming challenges that take place while going into space. This apart, to arrange for the 2024 Artemis mission, NASA has also in recent times given a $13.7 million agreement to complex Space, a US-based engineering services company, for mounting and working on a lunar orbital CubeSat mission that will be launched as early as December 2020.

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