National Media Stunning Survey Hints Jagan’s Win

TDP would get less than 40 seats

One of the leading National media channel Republic TV has released the results of its pre-poll survey regarding the state of Andhra Pradesh. Quite shockingly, it voted for the YSRCP against TDP in 2019 polls. Already a survey from a reputed National organisation predicted YSRCP’s win in the upcoming elections limiting TDP to the Opposition. Now the Republic TV too declared that Jagan is the best man as AP’s CM according to their survey results.

 National media channel Republic TV

It stated that more than 140 seats among 175 will be bagged by YSRCP for having a straight victory whereas TDP would get less than 40 seats. Also, the same channel declared that 20+ Lok Sabha seats will be won by YSRCP at any cost. In terms of vote sharing, YSRCP will form Government by attaining 43.4% of total votes polled and TDP would only get 35.9% of votes. This alleged pro-BJP channel claimed that the National party BJP would only get 12.5% and the remaining Congress with just 7%.

Republic TV felt it was unnecessary

Republic TV felt it was unnecessary to mention Janasena and its vote share in its survey. Despite all odds, Janasena in the last elections arguably got almost 10% of votes and ensured TDP’s victory. This time, this percentage would see an increment at any cost according to the Political analysts.


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