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Natural Star Nani heartfelt Reply Regarding BiggBoss

Finally, Nani commented about allegations which are circulating around him. Biggboss1 is gone in a cool mood with the hosting of Jr.NTR. Of course, he is a star so no one tries to troll him as like as Nani in the wake of supporting a contestant. If it happens, NTR fans can’t stay calm, then the war will be one side. But, in the case of Nani, all happy with watching Nani on the small screen as a Biggboss host. For the first two weeks, all felt like that. But, when the Kaushal Army step into the screen, the allegations on Nani are increasing. They commented that Nani is biased and he doesn’t tolerate the following of Kaushal who is just a housemate.


Though, the Kaushal Army members troll the other housemates when they fight with Kaushal in the house. Moreover, they troll Nani and tag him and BB2 on Twitter for every post with an allegation by supporting Kaushal. But, in the wake of last eliminations when Nutan Naidu came out from Biggboss house, the allegations are now too high. They people from outside said: “Nutan Naidu has more votes than Amith then how Biggboss eliminated Nutan Naidu? Is there any guarantee in that BB eliminate Kaushal like Nutan Naidu?” Moreover, for these posts, the audiences tag Nani and BB Maa team. Recently, a video of a woman who supports Kaushal and abuses Geetha Madhuri; posted on the Twitter account and tagged Nani. And, Nani felt bad about it & commented.

Of course, Nani fans can stand for him, but that may create further issues. So, they keep calm on it. So, finally, Nani commented about it and stressed out his feeling on these allegations.

Really it was the worst situation for Nani; he grows step by step and stood as a star in the industry. Now, these allegations on Nani are not fair. But, a thing is that Nani fans know him and his nature. Some people abuse him for encouraging a housemate is not a good thing, even Kaushal be won’t tolerate this kind of actions.


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