50 Crores Worth Nizam Museum’s Antics Stolen In Hyderabad

50 Crores Worth Nizam Museum's Antics Stolen In Hyderabad

In what may be termed as a shocking piece of news, the city of Hyderabad has witnessed a big burglary the other day’s midnight. Details about this robbery exclusively for our readers.  Hyderabad has witnessed a big burglary the other day’s midnightThe Nizam Museum in Hyderabad displays breathes taking antics which reflect the stature and royalty of the Nizam rulers. Among them, a teacup and a three-storeyed Tiffin Box which were used by the last Nizam King, Mir Osman Ali Khan-VII got theft. This horrendous act came into the picture when the Museum staff arrived to open the main gates on Monday morning. Immediately they contacted the Police and revealed the news about this costly robbery. According to the Museum staff, the stolen items worth a total of 50 crores in the International market being the antics and for the diamonds and rubies embedded on them.Anjani Kumar immediately seized the The Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar immediately seized the surroundings to find clues of the robbers. He sent 10 teams to catch the thieves along with a sniffer dog team. After analysing the CCTV footage, Police came to know that two robbers entered the Museum at the midnight hours of Sunday through a wooden vent. As soon as they entered, they turned the cameras in the opposite direction to defend their identity. The cupboard where the theft items placed was broke opened and exited via the same vent.

 Police and Museum organisersLooking at the robbing style, Police and Museum organisers conclude that the robbers are well aware of the Museum’s layout and building plan so that it might be an inside job.


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