Arjun Suravaram: Another Thriller From Nikhil

Nikhil Another Thriller From Arjun Suravaram
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Versatile young hero Nikhil is not hesitating to take time only to come up with rather intriguing content every time. One of his upcoming movies, Arjun Suravaram’s teaser got released the other day and it has been trending on top already.

Nikhil joined hands with the Tamil maker TN Santosh to remake the Tamil hit flick Kanithan in Telugu. Titled as Arjun Suravaram, the teaser appeared to be a genuine remake of the original. From the ambiance to the content, the makers stick to the original and the only changes they made is regarding Nikhil’s body language. As usual, Nikhil worked hard to get the desired shape and look for the character of a young, daring, and challenging journalist who goes to any extent to uncover facts. Nikhil’s intense performance is backed by the stunning background music from the composer CS Sam who scored the music for the original in Tamil. Overall, the teaser only raked in positive responses from the movie lovers.

Glamour doll, Lavanya Tripathi is romancing Nikhil for the first time in her career. Visuals and production values are of top-notch and makers didn’t compromise in getting the best output. Arjun Suravaram deals with a journo who busts the fake degree certificate racket. Likewise the Tamil flick, Telugu version is looking promising.


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