Tuesday, May 17, 2022
HomelatestYSR’s Best Friend To Fund Janasena?

YSR’s Best Friend To Fund Janasena?

In what may called as the shocking news of the day, a close aide of YSR’s family is reportedly rumoured to be associating with the party Janasena. More exciting details of this sensational news as follows.The popular industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad aka Matrix Prasad despite his successful industrial career is also famous for getting arrested in the case of Y.S Jagan’s undisclosed assets. This industrialist however came out and is silently observing the trends of current day Politics of Telugu states. Prasad is very close to the YSR family and they had joint ventures all over. If at all he invests in Politics, anyone would have not wondered if he funds YSRCP.

But the latest rumours rife that this Industrialist is keen on funding for the YSRCP’s enemy Janasena which is the sole reason of YSRCP’s defeat in 2014 elections. According to the updated speculations, Nimmagadda is going to acquire the news channel 10TV rights for 30 crores in order to support Janasena. This would be a huge benefit to the Party Janasena which has no official media channel for its own. Already the Janasena leader Thota Chandrasekhar bought the 99TV with the investment of 13 crores. These two channels will be working in the favour of Janasena from now.Many wonder the level of truth in this news. Some say that the news is indeed true as the dealings between Nimmagadda and 10TV have already begun. If Prasad turns against YSRCP, then it would be a huge blow to YS Jagan personally.

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