Nitish govt to conduct census of people who gave up liquor


The Nitish Kumar government has decided to conduct a census of those people who have managed to give up liquor since the Prohibition Act was imposed in Bihar in April 2016.

“As per the previous survey, 1.64 crore people have left liquor. Now, we have decided to conduct the same to find out the exact number of people who left the liquor,” Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday evening.

“We have directed the liquor prohibition department as well as police and district administrations to continue their action against liquor mafias. They should take help of drones, motorboats, sniffer dogs, etc., to detect manufacturing units and dismantle them as much as possible,” Kumar said.

The government is facing criticism for imposing the liquor ban in the state, especially a large number of people who died due to consumption of poisonous liquor.

Three liquor tragedies happened in January this year in which 37 people died and over 50 lost their eyesight.

“The consumption of milk, sweets, vegetables, fruits have significantly increased in Bihar, which is an encouraging sign for us,” he said.

“We have directed the officials to speed up prosecution against the liquor operators,” the Chief Minister said.

“Liquor ban was imposed in Bihar in April 2016. Following that, some other states also want to implement the same.”


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