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I Don’t Like More people in my Wedding: Samantha

No Celebrities in Samantha Wedding

We all are aware of Akkineni hero Nagachaitanya and Samantha’s wedding ceremony had grandly organized in Goa. Akkineni and Daggubati family members enjoyed the ceremony as we all saw the images and videos through media. Their wedding was a two-day event with a very spectacular manner. On the first day, the wedding was done according to the Hindu tradition. The second day was completely different, they married in the Christian tradition. The wedding was held in two families for almost a week. Samantha has come in front of media for the first time after the wedding.

Samantha has been trying to give a clarity on what is the reason behind the marriage and the intention behind calling the film personalities to her wedding. She said that marriage does not seem to be good if many people were attended the wedding. That’s why we planned to get married only with the friends and family members that surround us. That’s why we have traditionally celebrated our marriage only with the family members and close friends. She also said that we are married earlier in their imaginations, but by respecting the traditions they got married with their family members.

Samantha said that she had thought of stopping the acting at some time. but now she had a desire to continue her acting. She had a desire to act in the movies besides bank balance and money she had her wish to act in the movies after the wedding.

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