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No permission to mine Nallamala forest: KTR

KT Rama Rao, the Telangana Minister, today said in the Legislative Council that no permission for mining of Uranium in the Nallamala forest area has been accorded by the government. He also stated that no permission will be given in future.

“The Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) is doing exploration studies to check if the chemical element is present in the forest area and the mining potential,” KTR added.

No permission to mine Nallamala forest: KTR

“Ultimately, permission has to be accorded by the state government,” he stated. The Minister also tried to assuage fears of contamination of River Krishna if mining is taken up.

Many on social media had launched a #SaveNallamala campaign to influence the government. They are now happy. Actor Vijay Deverakonda said, “We came together, We have been heard, and steps are being taken, now let’s not stop till we #SaveNallamala completely. All the people of Amrabad – Nallamalla you have my unconditional support and the support of million other brothers and sisters of yours.”

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